Get to know Rob Caldwell


Rob Caldwell

Director of Investment Strategy

Rob hopes to bring transparency and simplicity to an overly complex financial world by focusing on holistic financial planning, client education and fostering financial confidence in building strategies that work.

As economic and environmental uncertainties continue to grow, Rob finds that millennials and young professionals aren’t just worried about meeting a retirement goal anymore. Instead, Gen Y and Gen X members are focused on financial independence and socially responsible lifestyles. With people switching careers more often, deciding to take time away from work to travel, and redefining when, where and how households are formed, the traditional legacy financial advice model is often not as desirable for the changing world. It’s his mission to help guide clients and their families toward a financial strategy that accomplishes their true goals for their futures.

Prior to Greensview, Rob worked for Morningstar Investment Management as an investment analyst. He also served in various volunteer roles with the Sierra Club, Arts and Business Council of Chicago, and The Greater Chicago Food Depository. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Butler University in 2010.

Rob now lives in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. In his free time, he is often found playing golf, hiking and camping, spending time with friends and family, or volunteering at church.